hospital managment system


The healthcare industry is shifting toward this more patient centric delivery model. While large hospitals and medical centers are trying to follow this trend, these

new specialty clinics have certain advantages over the hospitals that appeal to patients. Specialty clinics often provide high quality of care for a lesser overall cost because

ofefciencies and economies of scale.

These specialty healthcare companies, which also include emergency care, endoscopy, oncology, sleep clinics and otherlaboratory services, operate from smaller facilities

that are in close proximity to their patients’ homes and offices. These clinics reduce patient travel time and offer the same high quality care provided by large hospitals by

combining physiciansbusiness administration, diagnostic services and medical billing with the latest technologies.


Organizations like yours are increasingly turning to Shift’s Salesforce healthcare solutions to drive greater pro tability

and more personalized patient care.

End-to-End CRM solution using Salesforce as the foundation that replaces outmoded, back-end process systems and presents

a complete,holistic view of your healthcare business. The platform is ideal for virtually any health-focused business, including

healthcare and dental care clinics, solo practitioners, wellness centers, cosmetic surgeries, medical spas, life-science, and

pharmaceutical companies.

For organizations in the business of health, the right Salesforce healthcare solution oers the integrated tools you need to

improve the level of care you deliver and the protability of your operations.

hospital managment system


Automatic Software Updates.

The Ability to Work from anywhere, on any device.

Cost e? ectiveness and scalability.

Increased collaboration.

Faster Deployment.

Sales quoting capabilities allows sales teams to quickly create

comparative quotes and send them to prospective members.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows health plans to

communicate with prospective and current members.

Speed up access to Appointment Booked, Patient’s data.